Data Scientist / Engineer

If you love complex issues and you have no fear to work hard to solve those issues with autonomy and ownership, in an amazing place, we are made for each other.

Use advanced technics to extract semantic of textual data to build accurate normalized referential Build and improve tooling to handle large and structured data set Build and improve state of the art recognition intelligence using algorithmic oriented technics (matching recommendations, personalized ranking, justification etc.) Use customers behaviors and feedback patterns as a loop to improve overall relevancy Design scalable and friendly solution to evaluate a large range of recommendation intelligence Improve data acquisition, extraction and cleaning

Deep knowledge of data acquisition, extraction, cleaning, indexing, modeling, normalization, enrichment Cluster Computing, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing Hands-on experience with Machine Learning, Deep Learning Experience with fast prototyping Interest in reading scientific papers and ability to implement state of the art algorithms Outstanding analytical and problem solving skills Native French and English speaking