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We provide different ways to support your loyalty program.

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Client Recognition

Anticipate a client visit, be informed when your client is arriving in front of your vendors. Our technologies can detect when a client is coming in your shop, if it’s in your shop or around it. You can use this technology to prepare the delivery, modify ads you want to show at the clients.

Data Management

Put your inactive data to use. You have clients each day and it's your core value. Our fidelity program can help you to manage them in the purpose to get more visits in your shop, more sales and at the final, increase your turnover. 8x8 delivers the technoloy you need to collect data. With 8x8France data management engine, you can turn data into knowledge and have strong sales increasing.

Purchase Suggestion

With our predictive engine, we can suggest to your clients, the perfect purchases for him. 8x8France use different technologies to provide these suggestions for your clients in a loyalty program. So you can increase users’ interest in your application.

Security Wallet

Security is one of the most important point of a business. If you want to implement secure transactions and a wallet in your application, we have solutions. 8x8 DM France work on crypto currency in a way to be up-to-date with these technologies.