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We use innovative technologies to develop our solutions

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Big Data

We collect data about clients in the world, about their purchases and put them in our recommendation algorithms. Each profile is analyzed with different product categories to determine their passions with many different categories.

Facial Recognition

To determine which client is in or near the store, we use different tools such as facial recognition. Indeed, with facial recognition, we can recognize a client and link it to our databases.

User Presence Recognition

To determine the presence of a client, we need to detect him in a specific area around a shop, 8x8 DM France know these different technologies and use them. It permits us to bring you a solution to detect clients near your store or inside.


To protect security wallet in your loyalty program, we use cryptocurrency. Our blockchain is facilitate by the management between the different operators of the system. It permits us to bring you a solution to offer a personnal safe wallet in your application.